As you know, I import my coffee beans from farmers in Ethiopia and extract the oil myself.  It’s definitely a process- with that being said, I have decided to bottle up the full strength oil for ULTIMATE benefits.  This potent luxury oil is proprietary and what I use for my signature Koffee Lymphatic Drainage Facial.  So as you’ve seen, the results are out of this world. 

I’m happy to introduce you to Island Glow Koffee Glaze!

Benefits of Koffee Glaze:

•Diminishes signs of cellulite
•Helps soothe puffy eyes
•Minimizes fine lines + wrinkle
•Reduces swelling from hives, bites, stings and irritation. 
•Helps calm acne
•Promotes hair growth (great for scalp, conditioning hair and brows). 
•Topical aromatherapy benefits also helps depression (The aroma from Koffee Glaze also helps clear nasal passageways.)
•Alleviates muscle pain and tension
•Fights signs of aging. 
•Promotes lymphatic drainage for a healthy immune system.

Koffee Glaze

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    Use as a daily moisturizer, for face, body and hair.

    Especially beneficial for cellulite, stretch marks, hair growth, and under eye puffiness. 


    Use for lymphatic drainage.


    Organic unrefined green coffee bean oil (coffee arabica)