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*** some of the labels were printed in error and doesn’t have “cocoa butter” listed as an ingredient, however EVERY batch has cocoa butter.

Texture and consistency changes depending on variables, such as temperature during the whipping process and temperature during transit. All natural butters consistency and textures are subject to change. I take pride in my products being ALL natural, this means no fillers or harmful stabilizers to keep product texture and consistency the same. So the texture can change each batch. However, the beautiful miraculous benefits will not change. Let natures butters melt on your skin. Please only order with an understanding that each batch will never ever be the same.

Dry hair- GONE!

Breakage- GONE!

Split ends- GONE!

Stretch marks-GONE!

Eczema- GONE!

Dry skin- GONE!

Wrinkles- GONE!


The list goes on…

A simple and natural hair, face and body butter “buttah” for EVERYTHING and everyone. For use on the entire family.

Unrefined and organic with just 3 ingredients. Ethically sourced from farmers in Honduras and Africa. No added fragrances. Natural aroma of chocolate (due to organic cacao butter) and coffee (very subtle smoked aroma due to the organic unrefined Batana oil sourced from my indigenous friends in the Miskito tribe on the coast of Honduras) which dissipates once the Buttah melts on your skin.

Made to help restore the hair strength and promote new hair growth, but also to diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks and to hydrate and moisturize skin from head to toe. Great for sensitive skin, yes even babies can use it! I’ve been using it on my newborn since he was born! Eczema sufferers will see almost INSTANT relief!

Net wt. 8oz

Batana Buttah-“Everything Buttah”

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    Hair: On clean hair, apply to scalp and throughout the ends. Wrap hair into a shower cap and Rinse after 40 minutes. For BEST RESULTS leave in overnight and rinse in the morning. Do this twice a week until you've reached your desired results. Can be used on hair a styling agent as well. Curls LOVE it and edges can’t live without it. I lay my pixie cut with it daily.

    Face & Body: Use as a daily moisturizer as needed. Your skin will thank you, GUARANTEED.


    Ingredients: Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Raw Cocoa Butter, Raw Mango Butter, Honduran Batana Oil.

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    Please note, during transit, Buttah can melt and crystallize or become grainy. Fortunately, this does not impact the quality or usability or effectiveness of Batana Buttah.

    If desired Buttah can be lightly heated by putting jar in a bowl of warm water before applying.

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