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“As minimal as it gets and as real as you want it! “

Now you can grow thicker, longer and fuller brows and lashes with The Brow Girl Natural Brow Restoration & Recovery System- using the POWER of NATURE and CRYSTALS and GEMSTONES to Restore, Recover, and Repair. 

The Brow Girl Brow and Lash Repair Potion is used to restore and recover eyebrows and lashes by infusing a proprietary blend of nourishing oils in healing crystals and gemstones known to promote hair regrowth and thickness. Made in small batches in a sterile environment to ensure freshness. Vegan. Organic. Handcrafted locally using healing Moon energy and solarized by the sun for the highest vibration possible.  You won’t find a serum on the market like it! Remember everything is ENERGY. Which is why intentions are set for not only repairing eyebrows and eyelashes, but you can be reassured that good vibes and healing energy is in each and every bottle. 

To be used as a nightly treatment, rub roller ball gently on clean and dry brows. For lashes, rub roller ball gently and very lightly on eyelid near lash line. Leave on overnight. 

*Customers also love it on their cuticles for nourishment and repair.  

*Results can be seen in as little as 4 weeks. For a chance to be featured, please please take photos weekly and/or monthly and send them to us to be featured on social media and website! 

Shelf life 12 months. 

Wholesale available for licensed pros. Email your license to get approved for wholesale pricing. 

Natural Brow & Lash Restoration and Recovery System


Brow & Lash Growth and Repair Potion

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