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Experience deep nourishment, improved scalp health, strengthened hair growth, and an aromatic bliss like no other. Plus, it's eco-friendly and suitable for all hair types. Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to radiant, healthy hair.

Nourishes, strengthens and stimulates the growth of hair folicules. Batana is also called the "miracle oil" of Honduras. It is an oil extract that comes from a palm tree that grows in La Moskitia, Honduras.


Use recommendations:

-Apply in scalp after washing hair.

-Apply 1 time every other day.

-Wash for 5 minutes.

-Apply directly on scalp for growth.

-Apply directly to hair for moist, healthy and shiny hair. This strengthens its natural color.



Batana Oil originatesin the rain forest area of La Moskitia, Honduras. It is produced by the indigenous Miskito people. The mikito are called "Tawira", which mean "the peopleof beautiful hair"



Batana heals damaged hair and helps reverse hair loss by stimuating hair growth. It moisturizes hair, dry hair an scalp while stimulating hair follicles, leaving hair beautifully shiny and full of body.

Batana Oil Shampoo Bar

$10.00 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
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